The Big Roll-Out


Join us for the official roll-out of Explore Bike Share's bike fleet into the Memphis community. This free and open-to-the-public celebration, thanks to our partners at Downtown Memphis, will gather spokespeople across industries and sectors to witness a momentous milestone for our city.

JOIN NOW: Can’t wait? You can join us right now. You’re invited to become the first spokespeople for Memphis’ transportation revolution. All memberships begin the day of your first ride. Select your membership level here:

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: Want to be the first to ride a bike share bike to its first-ever station destination? Sign up for your neighborhood preference, and a station will be assigned to you for the morning of Wednesday, May 23. Community volunteers will ride the system's fleet from our Uptown warehouse at 61 Keel Avenue to Court Square; and after the celebration, group rides will distribute bikes in a "station migration" as assigned.

Save your spot:

RIDERS to Downtown stations:
RIDERS to West Memphis stations:
RIDERS to Midtown stations:
RIDERS to Orange Mound stations:
RIDERS to South Memphis stations:

Wednesday, May 23, 2018, at 9:30 - 11 am
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