Memphis Grizzlies Announce Keynote Speaker Series

The Grizzlies will host a Keynote Speaker Series to partner with three home games during the regular season. 

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Pop-up gallery concept comes to the Edge district

Although its first exhibit on Nov. 11 was located at 600 Monroe Avenue, the idea behind EDGE Arts is to inhabit used or underdeveloped spaces around the Edge District to showcase the work of local artists.

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Memphis Upstanders Mural Unveiled In South Main Historic Arts District

Nina Katz, Lucy Tibbs and Rev. Billy Kyles are among the social justice figures in Memphis history honored in a new Downtown mural unveiled on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

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DMC Annual Meeting Recap

When Terence Patterson took the podium Wednesday, Nov. 16, at the Halloran Centre during the Downtown Memphis Commission's (DMC) annual meeting, he had officially been the head of the organization for exactly 364 days.

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