About Downtown

Downtown Memphis is more than the 6.5-square miles defined as the Central Business Improvement District (CBID). It is the area’s fastest growing residential neighborhood with a sense of community that is unrivaled. Downtown is the Memphis brand. It is Beale Street, the mighty Mississippi, the Orpheum and the National Civil Rights Museum. With established publicly-traded companies and aspiring startups sharing the same spaces, Downtown is an incubator for good ideas and great collaborations. Downtown is Memphis.

About Downtown Memphis Commission

The Downtown Memphis Commission (DMC), formerly known as the Center City Commission, is the organization charged with advancing Memphis and Shelby County by making Downtown Memphis a better place to work, live, learn, invest and visit. 

The DMC is an independent development agency that is not funded by City or County taxes. The DMC is primarily funded by a special assessment on commercial properties in the Central Business Improvement District (CBID), the area referred to as Downtown Memphis, and fees paid by private Downtown developers. All of Memphis and Shelby County benefit from the work done by the DMC, but citizens and property owners outside of Downtown do not contribute to the DMC's operations or incentives. 

The DMC's aim is to attract more people to Memphis and Shelby County with a vibrant Downtown that is densely populated, authentic, mixed-use, walkable, clean, safe and fun. The City of Memphis and Shelby County governments established the Downtown Memphis Commission to capitalize on Downtown's role as the economic, cultural, and governmental heart of the city and county. The DMC is the official partnership between local government and the private business community in Downtown's development.

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