Chiropractic Memphis

At Chiropractic Memphis we believe that being “well adjusted” is crucial for optimal health and we are fully committed to caring for the whole person. It is by nurturing the bodies, the minds and the spirits of our patients that we help our patients discover true wellness.

Your Optimal Health Is Our Number One Concern.

As a patient of Chiropractic Memphis, you will benefit from the collective knowledge, experience and concern of not one, but 8 doctors in the promotion of your health and wellness.

As a team, the doctors of Chiropractic Memphis offer a broad range of techniques; bringing you the latest advancements in chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation and musculoskeletal treatment, as well as massage therapy.

Discover your true health here at Chiropractic Memphis.

When many people seek care in our practice they have one goal: relief. So that’s where we start! During this initial stage of intensive care, we have several obligations:

  • Uncover the underlying cause of your problem
  • Suggest a care plan to produce the fastest results possible
  • Offer ways patients can participate in their recovery
  • Explain the value of post-symptomatic wellness care
(901) 521-9355
45 N 3rd Street
Memphis, TN 38104
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