Court Square Center

Welcome to Court Square Center, three iconic buildings combining historical reconstruction and modern architecture, all on one block at the historical center of Downtown Memphis, TN.

Seventy-five apartments are divided among two faithfully constructed buildings and a new modern structure. Ground floor retail spaces in the three buildings all have high ceilings and share uncommon amounts of natural light. The location of Court Square Park, Main Street and Jefferson Avenue is the central cross section in Downtown Memphis of commerce, city/county government, the courts and the University of Memphis Law School.

The apartments in the historic Lincoln American Tower and Lowenstein building combine original existing design elements and materials including marble lobby floors and wooden structure beams with fully modern amenities and comforts.  The difference between the three buildings' apartment layouts and finishes is a comparison of superlatives, whether it is the high ceilings, exposed 19th Century support beams in Lowenstein, the 1925 marble corridors and glazed terra cotta facade of Lincoln American Tower, or the floor to ceiling glass curtain wall and modern design of CA2.


Call for more info and to make an appointment for viewing.

62 N Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103
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