Diggs-Kraus Sickle Cell Center

Sickle cell disease (SCD), an inherited blood disorder, affects one in 350 African-Americans. The disease inhibits blood flow due to the sickling of blood cells, which causes pain, fever, strokes, even death.

The Diggs-Kraus Sickle Cell Center at Regional Medical Center at Memphis has cared for more than 51,000 patients. Medical procedures developed here have been adopted nationwide.

In its more than 80-year history, the mission of the Diggs-Kraus Sickle Cell Center (SCC) has been to provide primary outpatient medical care to SCD patients in a holistic way that is sensitive to the pressures that this catastrophic disease brings to bear on patients and their families. It is expected that visits to the SCC will nearly double over the next decade due to the extended life expectancy of SCD patients from much improved pediatric care.

Dr. Patricia Adams-Graves is the Medical Director for the Diggs-Kraus Sickle Cell Center.  For more information about the Sickle Cell Center, call 901.545.8535.



(901) 545-8535
877 Jefferson Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103
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