Lisa's Lunchbox

Downtown's newest deli on Front Street serves delicious, fresh food and treats every customer as a welcomed friend. Enjoy breakfast or lunch with sandwiches, salads, smoothies and more!

Lisa’s lunchbox is one of THE places to grab a quick bite to eat in Downtown Memphis. Lisa herself works in the Downtown location after opening her other restaurants in East Memphis. She worked at Houston’s in East Memphis for 14 years before starting her own lunch counter. After having success in East Memphis, Lisa's Lunchbox now has a Downtown location! Lisa's Lunchbox is located on the 2nd Floor of the Raymond James building at 50 S. Front Street!

Opening a location on Front Street has been a great move because we get the chance to show off Lisa's Lunchbox as one of the best places to get a quality meal for a low price. I love the idea of meeting new customers and building relations with Downtown employees. Being Downtown allows us to reach larger companies and businesses.

- Lisa, owner
Lisas Lunchbox Panini

Easily the most popular item on the menu, the Chicken Club Panini, is absolutely delicious.

It combines the great taste of a regular chicken sandwich adding flavors of bacon and tomato in combination with toasted bread to create an explosion of taste that has no comparison. 

This along with many other popular items are available via Uber Eats and in the store itself. If you are looking for somewhere to stop in and eat quick yet quality food at a great price, Lisa’s Lunchbox is an excellent location. Make sure to say hi to Lisa when you stop by, she'll probably meet you at the door with a smiling face!

(901) 729-7277
50 S. Front Street
Memphis, TN 38103
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