River Workout Boot Camp

Welcome to River Workout Boot Camp. River Workout Boot Camp is an outdoor fitness boot camp that specializes in the focus of strength training, gaining muscle tone, flexibility, cardio endurance and improving your overall health and appearance. If you need a jump start in the right direction or are just tired of the chain gyms, River Workout Boot Camp is for you!

Can you handle River Workout Boot Camp?

Yes. Regardless of your age or size. Wherever you are on the fitness food chain, seasoned athlete or certified couch potato. You CAN do it!

You will sweat.

You will hurt.

You might throw up.

You will be pushed beyond your limits.

You will love it after you hate it.

You will achieve your personal best.

(901) 488-7740
125 N Front
Memphis, TN 38103
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Mud Island
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