Rollin' Sweets

Rollin’ Sweets brings innovation and creativity to frozen desserts in Downtown Memphis.

Downtown's newest ice cream addition serves a variety of different flavors in every bite that you can't find anywhere else! This new, Thai rolled ice cream parlor has just opened at 26 South Second Street and has sensational Thai frozen desserts.

The idea to create a rolled ice cream shop sparked the imagination of former MPD Officer, Jay, who is now the owner of Rollin’ Sweets. Jay spent seven years on the force before starting his own business with the help of his girlfriend and brother. The idea first came through a social media post about rolled ice cream and grew into a dream that turned into a business. After doing months of research on location and operation, Jay opened up shop in downtown in order to cater to a large variety of people. Being downtown is truly a dream come true for Jay.

"The Downtown Memphis environment is the best environment. I love getting to know new people and welcoming them into the store and although we haven't been open for too long it has been a great experience so far… the feeling you get now is something you cant replace. It’s inspiring." - Jay, Co-owner

“By far the most popular item now is the Strawberry Surprise,” and it is truly incredible.

Every bite gets you a hint of fresh strawberry and cream with a little extra surprise that you will have to discover for yourself. Jay looks forward to creating new flavor combinations with his already booming store, making Rollin’ Sweets is a great place to stop in if you are looking for a great snack or dessert any time of the day.

Check out the flavors below!

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Tues: 1pm-8pm

Thurs: 1pm-8pm

Fri-Sat: 1pm-10pm

Sun: 1pm-6pm

Closed Mondays and Wednesdays

(901) 623-3497
26 S 2nd St
Memphis, TN 38103
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