Tamp & Tap

A third-wave coffee shop and cafe with a concise, thoughtful gourmet food menu. Everything is made-to order with a fast casual atmosphere where you can order online and pick it up in about ten minutes, or come hang out for an afternoon to get some work done. The quiet space is popular for meetings and private events. Trivia and live music hosted weekly!

"Tamp and Tap is the first restaurant in Memphis to offer gourmet coffee, gourmet food, and some of the best local craft beers on tap you’ll find anywhere. “Grind or Unwind” is our motto. Chances are no matter what time you walk through our doors you’ll find something to suit your palate. Wake up with one of our signature coffee drinks or swing by after work for a pint and a sandwich."

Tamp & Tap

Mon - Fri7:00 am - 4:00 pm(kitchen)/6:00pm(coffee bar)

Sat and Sun: 8:00am-4:00pm(kitchen)/6:00pm(coffee bar)

122 Gayoso
Memphis, TN 38103
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Coffee, Deli
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