Big River Crossing Data Reveals Increased Visitor Traffic

July 17th, 2018

Big River Crossing, the nation’s longest pedestrian-bike bridge across the Mississippi River, has announced 385,875 total visitors since its October 2016 launch, with 57,060 visitors between April and June 2018 alone. 

To date, the bridge has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world and has been featured for its architectural excellence and innovative Philips Lighting installation in over 200 publications in local, regional, national and international markets including the Chicago Tribune, National Geographic Traveller and Huffington Post.

Philips Lighting’s installation—coined “Mighty Lights” in anticipation for the Hernando De Soto’s additive installation—covers the entirety of Big River Crossing with over 100,000 LED lights to provide state-of-the-art light shows. Since the bridge’s 2016 launch, Big River Crossing has commemorated over 85 holidays, causes and events with dynamic and unique displays from St. Patrick’s Day and Fourth of July to Memphis Grizzlies NBA victories.

Big River Crossing has received 15,000 Facebook Check-Ins and over 8,000 Facebook likes. The hashtag #BigRiverCrossing has been used over 3,700 times on Instagram. 

The bridge’s third-quarter traffic data shows there have been 57,060 visitors between April and June 2018 alone, 45,595 of whom have been pedestrians and 11,465 cyclists. The majority of visitors have entered from the Memphis side.

Between October 22, 2016 and June 30, 2018, 83% of counted visitors are pedestrians, collectively walking 675,281 miles, 27% of visitors represent cyclists, who biked a combined 114,798 miles. In total, approximately 69 million calories have been burned by Big River Crossing visitors. Additionally, the introduction of Explore Bike Share, a nonprofit bike share system launched in May throughout the city of Memphis and into West Memphis, has made Big River Crossing more accessible than ever before. Visitors continue to utilize rest stops on either sides of the bridge including Loflin Yard in Downtown Memphis and Big John Tacker’s Shake Shack in Marion, AR.

Big River Crossing will celebrate its second anniversary on October 22, 2018. Soon after on October 27, the Mighty Lights will reveal its coordinated concert between Big River Crossing and Hernando de Soto bridges during RiverArtsFest. Additionally, the second-annual Big River Crossing Half Marathon & 5K will take place on November 3. Interested registrants may learn more and sign up at

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