For a while Elvis used to call Downtown Memphis home and spent his days exploring the sights in Downtown.  Take this tour of some of his favorite stomping grounds fit for The King himself!

Meet our Downtown guides!

Lauderdale Courts: Elvis' Teenage Home
Elvis Presley and his parents lived in 185 Winchester, #328 at Lauderdale Courts from eptember 1949 to January 1953 . The Courts proved to be a pivotal place for Elvis. For it was from here that a shy Elvis would practice his guitar in the basement laundry room and would also meet and play with other musicians who lived in The Courts. Elvis would walk to nearby Beale Street and gain inspiration from blues artists. You could find him listening to records at Pop Tunes around the corner. Sun Studios was over a mile away. It was here in this close knit community that Elvis met girlfriends, went to Humes School and developed as a performer.

Pop Tunes was a record store on Poplar Avenue just around the corner from Elvis' apartment was where Elvis bought his first record.  The store was torn down in 2009, but you can eat there now at Pop's Diner and purchase Elvis memorabilia.

Sun Studio
Sun Studio was just named the second best music attraction in the country in a USA Today poll (you guessed it - Graceland was number one!).  Not only is this one of the most famous recording studios in the world, it's also where Elvis recorded his first song and began building his legacy.  Elvis used to hang out here as a kid hoping for a chance to be recorded.  Today you can take a tour ot the studio where legends like Bob Dylan have been known to kiss the floor of this hallowed studio. Visit the Sun Studio website.

Lansky's - Clothier to the King!
In 1952, Bernard Lansky noticed a young man looking in his Beale Street clothing store window, welcomed him in, and showed him around. That young man was Elvis Presley, and before he was known as the King of Rock-n-Roll, he was a loyal customer to Lansky Brothers. As Mr. Lansky helped Elvis create his well-known and sought-after style, Bernard gained the title Clothier to the King.  You can still buy vintage-style, Elvis-inspired clothing at this store on the corner of Beale and Second.  Click here for more in the Memphis Flyer

Beale Street
As a teenager, Elvis spent a lot of time of Beale Street listening to blues musicians that had come to Memphis from The Delta.  Those musicians made a lasting impression on The King and influenced his style of music.  Learn more about Beale Street

Chisca Hotel
July 7, 1954, was a big night for Elvis and for rock 'n' roll.  Dewey Phillips played "That's All Right" on his popular radio show "Red, Hot & Blue" from the mezzanine level of The Chisca Hotel - the first time an Elvis recording was ever played on air.  On hearing the news that Dewey was going to play his record, Presley went to the local movie theater to calm his nerves. Interest in the record was so intense that Dewey reportedly played the record 14 times and received over 40 telephone calls. Presley was persuaded to go to the station for an on-air interview that night which was the first time his voice was aired live on the radio.  The Chisca recently had a massive renovation that converted the old, abaonded hotel into new apartments.

The Arcade Restaurant
At one time, Elvis was a regular at this restaurant.  You can sit in his favorite booth - now named the Elvis Booth - and order a Fried Peanut Butter 'N' Banana sandwich, one of Elvis' favorites!   (And add some acon upon request.) View their website to find a table.

Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum
The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum’s exhibition about the birth of rock and soul music, created by the Smithsonian Institution, tells the story of musical pioneers who, for the love of music, overcame racial and socio-economic barriers to create the music that shook the entire world.  Click here for more information

Memphis Music Hall of Fame
Memphis' newest museum attraction - The Memphis Music Hall of Fame - pays tributes to the musical legends of Memphis, and Elvis is its most famous inductee.  Stop in to learn about The King of Rock 'n' Roll and other Memphis musicians who inspired The King, or were inspired by him.  Click here to learn more

Tad Pierson's Pink Cadillac Tour
Climb aboard Tad "Tour Guide Extraordinnaire" Pierson's 1955 pink cadillac for a tour of Memphis' most impressive, underrated and obscure musical landmarks.  One of the best way's to see Memphis and hailed as one of the best tours in town.  Read more

Memorabilia on Beale
No Elvis excursion is complete without a pair of gold framed sunglasses!  Head over to the shops on Beale Street to find unusual Elvis memorabilia and collectibles.

Elvis Plaza
Looking for the perfect family photo for this year's Christmas card?  Head over to Beale Street to Elvis Plaza to get your pic made with a larger-than-life statue of The King.

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