There’s just so much to see and do in Downtown Memphis that it might actually be impossible to list everything, and below are some good places to start. In mood for some history and culture? We got ya’ covered. Sports junky? There’s no place better. Or maybe you’d just like to take a nice stroll around town? Whatever your cup of tea, Downtown Memphis is the place to be.

Meet our Downtown guides!

Beale Street

If you've never seen it, you have to go! Seriously, it's like a rule or something. Named one of the most iconic streets in the U.S., Beale Street is home to two of Memphis' most well known features, blues and barbecue. -Brandon “Eso” Tolson

It may sound cliche, but a midday stroll down Beale Street is an absolute must when visiting downtown Memphis. After you grab a burger over at Dyers and raid the various gift shops, pop in to the Withers Collection Museum and Gallery, a little known treasure on the east end of Beale. This thought-provoking gallery displays photos by Ernest Withers chronicling the civil rights era and black renaissance artists of the time. -Kontji Anthony

Grizzlies, Redbirds, Orpheum

The Downtown Trifecta: a Grizzlies playoff game, a Redbirds home game, and a show at the Orpheum Theatre. Hitting all three would be the perfect evening! Just strolling around downtown while one of these events is happening is a one-of-a-kind experience. The electricity, the vibe, the positive energy - only in downtown Memphis. -Deni Reilly

I believe! During the season, join a packed house of passionate Memphians at the FedEx Forum as we cheer on our team. By the time the night is over you will believe too! Go Grizz, Grit-n-Grind! -Joan Robinson

One of my favorite sites to see downtown is the fireworks display after a Memphis Redbirds baseball game. Check it out at a Saturday home game. -Jacqueline Green

Downtown Museums

I happily confess to being a museum junkie, but I think the selection of museums downtown are a must see for anyone. The National Civil Rights Museum, the Rock 'n' Soul Museum, Sun Studios, the Blues Hall of Fame - it's Memphis history, it's American history. We have so many expertly curated museums designed to engage - and they're all a lot of fun, too. -Elizabeth Cawein

Sun Studios where Elvis first recorded is a must. That famous night when Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash held a jam session was brought to life with the Tony Award winning Broadway show “Million Dollar Quartet.” You need to experience it for yourself. -Joan Robinson

The newly renovated National Civil Rights Museum is a downtown treasure that should be on everyone's to-do list while working or visiting downtown. -Tonya Dyson

 Grammys Shammys, South Main is home to the newly constructed Blues Hall of Fame at the Blues Foundation. The dream of CEO Jay Sieleman, this is a passionate dedication to the best blues musicians in the world. -Joan Robinson

The Big Muddy

If there’s one thing not to be missed downtown it’s the Mississippi River. There’s dozens of spots to choose from - pick one, relax and enjoy the view. -Tad Pierson

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